The best care for your best friend



We strive to provide your horse with a comfortable home with all of their needs met. 

A healthy horse is a happy horse

Full Care Stall Board-Large

15'x10' Rubber matted stall           $400/month

Your Horse will have a spacious stall with an open-air concept. Hay and water provided in the stall, and turn out every day-weather permitting. Turn out pastures are shared and they have a round bale in the winter months and are rotated onto grass for the summer months.

You will have access to our 140'x70' indoor arena and our 140'x100' outdoor arena, 10+ acres of woods for trail riding as well as wide grassy paths through the crop fields. 

You will have a designated place in the tack room for your tack and equipment.


Full Care Stall Board -Regular

10'x10' Rubber matted stalls       $375/month

Your horse will have its own stall and will be provided with hay, and water. Daily turn out in a shared pasture. During the summer months horses will be on grass and round bale in the pasture for the winter months.

You will have access to our indoor and outdoor riding  arenas as well as 10+ acres of trails, and the large grassy paths through the fields to ride on as well. 

Assigned space in the tack room is available for your tack and equipment.


Pasture Board

Shared pasture                 $200/month

Your horse will share a pasture with a small group of other horses. They will have access to a round bale in the winter months and will be rotated onto pasture for the summer months. They have a run-in shelter to get under for bad weather.