Private Lessons

Western or English

Bring your own horse, or use one of ours. We have a variety of horses that are fantastic for any level rider to learn on.

Group Lessons

Bring a friend and enjoy riding as a group!

Master your riding skills with a friend or bring the whole family for a lesson. Group lessons are for two or more people. 

$40 per person for an hour

What is there to learn?

Whatever your area of interest, we can help you out!


Whether you are just starting out, or have been riding for years there is always more to learn about horses and riding. Lizzy will walk you through the basics then move on to whatever your experience level is. Beginners will learn how to control their horse in all situations, and the more advanced riders can learn more technical skills.

Ranch Riding

Besides learning how to prepare and show a horse in the ranch classes, Lizzy is good at explaining and applying the real life ranch skills that go into the Ranch Riding discipline that is gaining more and more popularity.


Having a solid foundation is the key to being able to jump with confidence! Lizzy will help you gain the confidence and security you need to jump. 


Learn with a group of friends or with your whole family!

Ground Work

It is always important to know how to handle a horse on the ground! Whether you are just wanting to learn the basics of controlling a horse on the ground, or wantinng to learn how to start a young horse with the ground work, we can help you out!


Get you and your horse ready for Equitation and Hunter Under Saddle with some English lessons.

Trail Obstacles

Learn how to take your horse over a bridge, through a gate, over poles at a all speeds, manuever over poles at a sidepass and backing through a chute, and whatever other obstacles you might see in a trail class.

E-Wiley Horsemanship Team

Become a part of our IEA team!

The Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) offers youth a chance to show horses whether or not they own a horse. E-Wiley Horsemanship Team holds practices once a month, apart from regular riding lessons, to prepare for shows. IEA is set up for grades 4-12, and is divided into several levels based on riders show experience. If you are interested in becoming a part of our team call Lizzy for more information.